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About DaLuna CBD

Tatjana maul


Who is behind DaLuna CBD?

Hi and welcome to the DaLuna CBD webshop. Let me start by telling you something about myself. My name is Tatjana Maul and I am the founder of DaLuna CBD. I have worked as a TV host, model and I am a former Miss Netherlands. One of the other companies I also founded is DancyScents. A company where I create my own scented natural soy wax candles and wax melts. I have an international business studies background but I currently study naturopathy (traditional medicine). If you’d like to know more about my personal background, then please take a look at my blog The Happiness Girl.


Why CBD oil?

I have always been fascinated with the healing powers of nature. When I had a serious neck injury from a big car accident, I didn’t want to take the addictive chemical painkillers that the doctor prescribed. They did help with the pain, but at the same time they only made me feel groggy.

It felt like I had clouds in my head that made me unable to think and extremely sleepy. In addition, I also didn’t want to become addictive to these drugs therefore looked for an alternative. I wanted something natural that would help me deal with the pain. Of course I was also looking for something non-addictive. I then decided to try CBD oil.

The first time I immediately noticed the positive effects of the CBD oil. It had a pain-relieving and relaxing effect for me and I could also think clearly. During my recovery period I only used CBD oil and fully recovered.


The power of Nature

Because of this experience my interest in the healing effect of plants grew even more. This made me decide to study naturopathy. I wanted to learn more about the traditional medicine that has been used by people worldwide for thousands of years, so that I could help others with their health as well.

I firmly believe that traditional and modern medicine could and should be used hand in hand. Not everything needs expensive chemical solutions. Sometimes the solution can simply be found in our backyards.

In addition, I also believe that the focus should be on the cause of a disease, which often starts with our diet. Of course, modern medicine is necessary. Just think of surgery and all that is possible because it nowadays. In my opinion, a combination of both types of medicine is best. Fortunately, more and more doctors nowadays agree with this.


The development of DaLuna CBD

Because of my personal experience with CBD oil and the knowledge I gained during my studies, I wanted to create my own line of CBD oils.

CBD oil can help many people, provided it is well made and meets all the high standards. This is why I partnered with growth and production facilities in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich is the heart of the European pharmaceutical manufacturing and research world with a high innovation philosophy.

I have a direct link with the industry and work with a highly specialized laboratory for the production of the DaLuna CBD oil. The result is a range of excellent CBD oils of superior quality.


The green and just heart of DaLuna CBD

I find reproducible production processes at all processing levels very important. In addition, with DaLuna CBD I set the highest standards in the field of cultivation, processing and production, resulting in pure products of the highest quality. By combining this with a green heart, DaLuna CBD ensures high-quality and standardized products that meet all criteria.

High job specialization, security, foreign investment and a culture of respect for the customer have made Switzerland one of the absolute best countries for work and development. The Global Innovation Index is an annual ranking of countries and economies based on their innovation capacity. Switzerland remains firmly in first place in this regard.


DaLuna CBD From me to You

At this moment you can buy DaLuna CBD olie in the webshop.

I have put a lot of love into it and we all know “everything is better with love”.❤

If you want more information about the products you can take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still have questions after that, you can always send me a message via the contact form. I will do my best to answer your question asap.

Thank you so much for supporting my small business. I hope you love DaLuna CBD as much as I do!

DaLuna CBD is OPEN during the Covid-19 pandemic. We follow the guidelines of the Dutch RIVM. DaLuna CBD is a small business and all orders are very much appreciated. Thank you so much for shopping at DaLuna CBD! ❤ Dismiss

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