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Production & Certification

The DaLuna CBD growth and production facilities are located in Switzerland.

DaLuna CBD considers reproducible production processes and use at all processing levels to be very important. DaLuna CBD sets the highest standards in terms of cultivation, processing and production, resulting in pure products of the highest quality. By combining this with a green heart, DaLuna CBD ensures high-quality and standardized products that meet all criteria.

With facilities located in Zurich, the heart of the European pharmaceutical manufacturing and research world, DaLuna CBD takes an innovation philosophy to heart. DaLuna CBD has a direct link with the industry and a highly specialized laboratory for the production of the CBD oil. This results in a range of excellent CBD oils of superior quality.

High job specialization, safety, foreign investment and a culture of respect for the customer have made Switzerland a country in which to work and develop like no other. The Global Innovation Index is an annual ranking of countries and economies based on their innovation capacity. Switzerland remains firmly in first place in this regard.

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DaLuna CBD is OPEN during the Covid-19 pandemic. We follow the guidelines of the Dutch RIVM. DaLuna CBD is a small business and all orders are very much appreciated. Thank you so much for shopping at DaLuna CBD! ❤ Dismiss

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